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CUBZ® is an innovative 45 minute movement-to-music program for little humans aged 2-6. Cubz gives kids the opportunity to learn, connect & express themselves through popular music, active play, movement & mindfulness. Cubz is designed to nurture kids imaginative souls, encourage kids to be active, develop motor skills & spatial awareness, develop balance & strength, build connections & improve language skills.

What is


& Intensity

Low complexity
Suitable for ages 2-6


Hip Hop, Pop, Dance, Nursey Rhymes

The Principles

  1. Decision Making

    Cubz encourages kids to be curious & make decisions helping to foster self-confident, capable, curious and evolving little humans. For example, in "play," kids are asked "What sort of animals can we find in the Jungle?" which encourages thought, followed by the instructors showing a range of animal movements. When the music stops they have to independently choose which animal they would like to be.
  2. Imagination

    Cubz nurtures kids’ imaginative souls by encouraging them to express themselves & think outside the box. We see imagination as just another muscle we want kids to develop. For example, in "move" we may ask kids to pretend to be a truck driver while they pretend to drive or fly around the room to an imaginary place. This provides a platform for their imagination to grow & flourish.
  3. Motor Skills

    Cubz provides kids with the opportunity to develop fine & gross motor skills, balance, coordination, spatial awareness, strength, flexibility & muscle tone. Energetic dance, mimicking movement & active play is essential for creating healthy habits from a young age including creating a positive attitude towards being active. For example, in "dance" we may repeat a pattern of jumping up high, clapping our hands & touching our toes to the beat.
  4. Socialisation

    Connecting, sharing & including are essential skills we teach our young cubz. Our program includes different verbal & non-verbal cues to help kids learn how to be kind, social & loving souls. For example, all cubz are encouraged throughout the class to praise their fellow cubz for their efforts after each track with a "Hi-5" or a "thumbs up".
  5. Language

    Have you ever noticed how easy it is to remember your favourite song lyrics? Why? Because music is a powerful sticking agent. Cubz uses music to encourage word recognition & an understanding of sequence, rhyme & tone. For example, we will learn all the words to the song "Baby Shark" or "Heads, Shoulders, Knees & Toes" and then transform this into a mental experience by applying actions to the words as well as relating it to the kids own lives.
  6. Mindfulness

    While Cubz is a high energy program we purposely balance this with calmness, quietness, peacefulness & whole body listening. For example, in "rest" we may get the kids to breathe in and out as big as they possibly can to teach what breathing feels like. Or, we may all lay down together pretending to be asleep like a baby to teach the idea of rest. Teaching mindfulness helps us equip our cubz with tools they can use when life throws them challenges.


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“Isn't it amazing how your child knows all the moves & words to Baby Shark? It's because music & movement is one of the most powerful ways to learn”

Shereice Soderberg,

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